Period problems
While some women may find it uncomfortable to talk about, thousands of women find their period to be anything but comfortable.

From irregular periods, bleeding between periods, heaving bleeding, clots and pain, gynecologists at Fairview Clinics can help diagnosis your period problem and find a treatment plan to make that time of the month more comfortable.


What to expect at your appointment

To pinpoint the cause of your problem, your doctor will begin with a detailed evaluation of your medical history. It’s very helpful if you keep a log of your symptoms and concerns. Your doctor will often check for hormonal imbalances, and if there’s a possibility you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is ordered. Ultrasounds and biopsies might also be necessary to determine the cause of irregular periods.

Stress, significant weight gain or loss, thyroid disease, anemia, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, polyps or endometrial cancer can also be the cause or irregular periods. Depending on the diagnosis, recommended treatments might include life-style changes, medications, and nonsurgical or surgical gynecologic procedures. From endometeral ablation to even one-incision hysterectomies - Fairview doctors are helping thousands of women every year overcome their period problems.

Patient stories
  • Dori's surgery changed her life and allowed her to live without painful periods. 
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