Gotta go...again!

Bladder problems often take a toll on men and women's lives. “Many women choose to stay at home because they fear having an accident,” says Steven Bernstein, MD, a urologist and bladder care specialist. “You should know most women don’t have to live with that fear – with treatment, urinary incontinence can often be cured!”

Types of urinary incontinence
There are several types of incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence – leakage that occurs with cough, laugh or sneeze
  • Urge incontinence – leakage preceded by a sudden urge to void
  • Overflow incontinence – leakage stemming from an inability to empty the bladder
  • Mixed incontinence – a combination of several types

Our services include specialized treatment to help with incontinence (urine leakage), overactive bladders, pelvic prolapse and a variety of other issues. Treatments range from lifestyle and behavior changes, to medications and in some cases, surgery. For people with overactive bladder, one innovative treatment that many of our patients are finding great success with is called InterStim® Therapy.  Watch the video below for details.


Meet our doctors who offer InterStim Therapy

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