Patient Process

STEP 1: Evaluation
The first step is an initial consultation. During this first visit you'll provide information about your medical history and current vascular condition. If you've had any diagnostic testing related to your vascular condition, your doctor will review those test results.

Based on this evaluation, you and your doctor will discuss the next steps. Our staff will then give you any further information you need and help you schedule your next visit, whether its treatment or testing.

STEP 2: Scheduled Testing
Your doctor may ask you to return for outpatient diagnostic testing, which could include blood tests, ultrasounds, or other imaging tests. Once your testing is complete, you and your doctor will review the results and discuss your treatment options in detail. This may be at a separate office visit. 

STEP 3: Treatment
For each patient, treatment may vary depending on symptoms, diagnosis, and insurance requirements for treatment. But the staff at Minnesota Vascular Clinic will make sure all your questions are answered and that you're entirely comfortable and informed during whatever treatment is prescribed for you.

STEP 4: Post-Op Evaluation
Following treatment, most patients return about 10-14 days for a post-op follow up visit. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding your recovery will be addressed at this time. In addition, your doctor will let you know if any further monitoring of your vascular condition will be necessary.

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