Fairview Sleep Centers - Princeton
Helping you get the sleep you need

The sleep center at Fairview Northland Medical Center in Princeton provides:
- Comprehensive consultations with a sleep specialist
- Follow-up clinic visits onsite
- Two homelike sleep rooms for overnight sleep studies
- A selection of CPAP equipment, custom fitting and ongoing technical assistance.
Fairview Sleep Centers - Princeton is one of five Fairview Sleep Centers located throughout the Twin Cities area.

Clinic Address:

911 Northland Dr.
Princeton, MN 55371
Appointments: 763-389-7740

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Hospital Affiliations
Fairview Sleep Centers is affiliated with Fairview hospitals in Edina, Burnsville, Princeton, Wyoming and Maple Grove as well as University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. For surgeries related to Sleep Medicine, our physicians see patients at University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Sleep is essential to good health

Sleep is critical to good health, and lack of sleep can result in chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases. Sleep apnea—one of more than 70 sleep-related disorders—has been linked to diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and obesity.


Sleep apnea patient Christopher

Snoring and daytime sleepiness can be symptoms of a sleep disorder.
If you are experiencing sleep problems that leave you feeling exhausted and disrupt your daily life, talk to your primary care provider, or call us directly for a consultation.

The following could be symptoms of a sleep disorder:

  • Waking up feeling tired (after a minimum of seven hours of sleep)
  • Daytime sleepiness (feeling sleepy during meetings and while driving)
  • Loud snoring or being told you snore
  • Waking up gasping or choking

Christopher sleeps soundly after a sleep study in Fairview Sleep Centers — Princeton uncovered his sleep apnea. Find Chris's picture and read more about his story at

Meet our sleep specialists

At Fairview Sleep Centers — Princeton, our team of a board-certified sleep specialists, including an otolaryngologist, registered sleep technicians and medical equipment specialists, brings advanced training in diagnosis and treatment for sleep problems.

Sleep Medicine

Our Providers Make the Difference
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