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Prenatal and New Parent ClassesAmma Parenting Center logo
Fairview and its education partner, Amma Parenting Center, offer a variety of informative and interactive classes for expectant parents and families.

Giving birth at: University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, Fairview Southdale Hospital or Fairview Ridges Hospital
If you are giving birth at one of these locations, the experts at Amma Parenting Center teach a full menu of childbirth, breastfeeding and baby classes for expectant parents. Register for a class with Amma Parenting Center.

Giving birth at: Fairview Lakes Medical Center or Fairview Northland Medical Center
If you are having your baby at one of these medical centers, seasoned educators at these facilities offer a number of pregnancy, breastfeeding and childbirth classes. Register online for classes at Fairview Northland Medical Center or register online for classes at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

Tour The Birthplace Near You
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, Fairview Southdale Hospital or Fairview Ridges Hospital
We invite you to register for a tour of The Birthplace at these locations. You may also call 612-672-7272 or 800-824-1953 to register for a tour. Fairview Ridges Hospital offers the unique opportunity to speak with a pediatrician about the kind of care you and your baby can expect during your stay.

Fairview Lakes Medical Center
Tours are included in many of the childbirth preparation classes. You may also call The Birthplace at 651-982-7910 to arrange for a tour.

Fairview Northland Medical Center
Families may stop by The Birthplace anytime for a tour, or call 763-389-7667 to set up a time.

Evening at The Birthplace – Program and Tour
Expectant parents are invited to attend an Evening at The Birthplace at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview; Fairview Lakes Medical Center; or Fairview Northland Medical Center. Meet The Birthplace care team, talk with partners and exhibitors, tour The Birthplace and learn how we can help make your birth experience extraordinary. Register online for Evening at The Birthplace.

All tours and Evening at The Birthplace events are free.

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