We recognize each person, patient and employee is different and valuable 

At Fairview, diversity is more than a buzzword. It cuts to the essence of how we provide care and how employees feel about working here.

As a word, diversity describes the differences and similarities that affect how we work and live together. Examples include race, ethnicity, nationality, primary language and accent, age, gender, gender identity, physical capability, sexual orientation, size, spiritual beliefs and tenure.

The diversity of our communities is reflected among those who work at Fairview and those for whom we care. By understanding, respecting and using our differences to improve the lives of those we touch, we inspire employee pride. 

Fairview’s policies and practices promote equal opportunity employment. We know that people choose Fairview as an employer and as a health care provider based on how well we understand and respect our differences. Having a diverse balance in our workforce improves our culturally competent care and helps create a welcoming environment for all patients and employees.

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