Student Learning Experiences


Preparing students for health careers

As part of Fairview’s commitment to education, we provide students with clinical and non-clinical learning experiences.

Student placements are typically handled centrally and must be part of an educational program/curriculum for credit.

What types of student learning experiences do we offer?
  • Internships: These are experiences for students as part of an educational program/curriculum and for credit. Paid internships are limited and managed via Fairview’s normal job application/hiring process.
  • Observations: These are short-term shadowing experiences for career exploration or enhancement without hands-on care or work. A very limited number of observations experiences are available.
  • Volunteer opportunities: These are available at some entities to enhance patient care and the customer experience. Students can contact Fairview Volunteer Services for posted volunteer opportunities.
  • Sponsorships: Tuition assistance is provided to eligible students in exchange for a work commitment at Fairview. We offer sponsorships as needed to fill critical shortages in targeted areas of health care.

How are student learning experiences arranged?
Due to the volume of student requests received, we cannot honor all requests. These guidelines are followed:
  • Fairview has affiliation agreements with more than 400 programs at over 100 schools. We do not allow student placements for any programs with which we do not have an affiliation agreement.
  • The University of Minnesota and St. Catherine University are key educational partners for Fairview. We follow a tiered process for placement as follows:
    • Primary priority to University of Minnesota and St. Catherine University programs
    • Secondary priority to MNSCU schools and Minnesota private colleges
  • Fairview has a centralized onboarding process for all student experiences. Requirements of this process must be completed before a student can begin a clinical experience.

Contact us
For more information about student learning experiences, contact:

Katie Becker, academic affiliation coordinator
Tanya Velishek, academic clinical placement coordinator 
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