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Program completion and graduation requirements

Intern performance is evaluated at regular intervals throughout the year. Upon successful completion of all learning experiences, graduates receive a Verification Statement from the internship director and are eligible for active membership in the American Dietetic Association and to write the Registration Examination for Dietitians.

For successful completion of the Dietetic Internship program and to receive the verification statements, the following requirements have to be met:

  1. Interns have to be enrolled full time in the program and complete all requirements below within one year of the start date. Extensions beyond 12 months may result in re-applying to the program and paying tuition again.
  2. Successful completion of each and every rotation and project. Successful completion will be determined by the preceptor for that rotation and by the internship director and will include:
    —performance at the supervised practice site, and
    —timely submission of paperwork to the internship director and the preceptor

    An evaluation form will be completed for every rotation, signed by the preceptor, intern and internship director. A preceptor may determine that an intern needs to repeat a rotation based on any one of these factors (but not limited to them):
    —Not meeting competencies
    —Inability to apply knowledge and learning to hands-on practice
    —Lack of preparation for the rotation
    —Unethical behavior during the rotation

    If an intern is required to repeat a rotation, it must be done at the convenience of the preceptor. Interns will be given two opportunities to repeat a rotation, after which, if there is still no change in performance, termination procedures will be initiated, even if it is toward the end of the internship.
  3. Successful completion of staff relief rotation, as determined by preceptor and internship director
  4. Passing at least two mock RD exams (passing grade is 85%) during the internship program
  5. Attending all classes and taking all the quizzes given by internship director
  6. Successful completion of projects including (but not limited to) wellness assignments, business plan, resume writing, developing a portfolio, patient satisfaction surveys, Messiah food pantry visit and assignments, Create Your Weight work, writing a technical paper, visit to pediatric home services, providing nutrition education to hospital patients and non-hospital clients, etc.
  7. Case Study: All interns will present a Clinical Case study. The oral presentation will be evaluated by the internship director, staff and peers. The written report will be reviewed by staff, and evaluated by the internship director. A grade of 85% is required on the written report and the oral presentation.
  8. Satisfactory participation (as determined by the internship director) in special projects including National Nutrition Month, public presentations, hospital activities like Turtle Derby, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, etc.
  9. Attendance at 4/5 meetings of the Twin Cities District Dietetic Association
  10. Current ServSafe certification (Documentation required)
  11. Professional and ethical behavior throughout the internship program
  12. Compliance with the Policies and Procedures outlined in the Intern Handbook
The program has the right to withhold verification forms if any of these requirements are not satisfactorily met.

To participate in the Dietetic Internship program, you will incur several expenses outlined below. Interns are required to have a reliable form of transportation, a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Due to the travel distance between facilities, public transportation is not adequate.


Tuition$6,000 (payable in two installments)
Housing (per month)$600-$1,000 (depending on location, number of roommates, etc.)
Application fee$50
Textbooks and referencesApproximately $300
Lab coatsApproximately $50
Supplies (pens, calculators, binders, notebooks, etc.)Approximately $200
Auto insuranceVariable
Health insuranceVariable
Parking feesApproximately $300
Professional meetingsApproximately $500 (optional)
American Dietetic Association (ADA) student membership$50


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