Our sustainability work

A healthier environment = healthier lives

As a health care organization, it is our responsibility to make environmentally responsible decisions and to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Fairview follows the principle that community health and environmental health are correlated—by improving environmental health, we're helping fulfill our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve.

To best target our environmental impact, we've focused our efforts in six areas:
  1. Energy Reduction: By 2015, we are committed to reducing our energy use by 15 percent (based on 2009 levels). 
  2. Waste Reduction: We will divert 50 percent of our solid waste levels (based on 2009 levels) with reduction, recycling and recovery programs by 2015, as recommended by the American Hospitals Association (AHA).
  3. Environmental Preferable Purchasing: We are increasing our use of environmentally preferable products where possible, as recommended by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
  4. LEED and Green Building Design: We aim to build all new Fairview facilities using LEED or Green Guide for Healthcare standards.
  5. Healthy Food SystemsWe are developing food policies and guidelines that support healthy and sustainable food choices to improve the health of our patients, community and environment. 
  6. Toxic and Hazardous Waste Reduction: We will use mercury-, latex- and PVC-free products, low-toxicity cleaners and chemicals and low-toxicity building finishes as frequently as possible (as recommended by the AHA). We also will reduce toxic and pharmaceutical waste when possible.
The benefits from our commitment to environmental sustainability extend far beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics. By being “green,” we can not only improve the health of our community and environment, but we can enhance patient and employee satisfaction while becoming more effective and efficient.

To learn more about Fairview's environmental sustainability efforts, read our Five-Year Sustainability Plan
Sustainability across our organization

green-team-logoIn 2009 we formed a Green Team representing various areas of Fairview, including clinicians and staff from Facilities Management, Marketing and Communication, Supply Chain, Environmental Services, Information Technology, Administration, Nutrition Services, Pharmacy Services and Infection Prevention.  

Fairview is a member of Practice Greenhealth, a national organization whose mission is to “collaborate and provide education, tools and information about the best environmental practices to help health care organizations supercharge their operational efficiency, increase regulatory compliance, and improve the health of their communities.”
We're a proud recipient of many local and national green awards and recognition.

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