Environmentally preferable purchasing


Buying with a product's life cycle in mind

Fairview has been working to improve our capacity to make purchases with a product's life cycle in mind. That means examining the environmental impact of the product's materials, production, use and disposal—so that we can reduce its impact on the environment and on our community.

The 13 standardized questions for medical products

Fairview is an owner/member of the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Premier Healthcare Alliance. Premier, along with other national GPOs formed a standardized list of questions for medical suppliers about the environmental impact of the products they sell.

Through the list, suppliers are asked what resources they use in manufacturing, as well as whether certain products contain, for example, BPA, polystyrene, PVC or carcinogens. This is a national step forward, as health care organizations across the country work together to green the supply chain.

Recycling electronics

When our electronics reach the end of their life, we recycle with E-Steward Certified or Responsible Recycler (R2) vendors to ensure our electronics are properly recycled to the highest standards.


Fairview only purchases computers/laptops that are E-PEAT silver or gold.

Reducing polystyrene (Styrofoam)

Fairview Pharmacy Services partnered with StarchTech to switch from polystyrene shipping coolers to a non-toxic compostable and biodegradable cooler in January 2013. Our new cooler is made from non-GMO corn starch, a renewable resource that is manufactured locally in the United States. 

Customers who receive a shipment with the compostable cooler can place it in their compost, eliminating more than 70,000 polystyrene coolers annually from our communities’ waste stream. Watch us on the news!

Office equipment and furniture

We purchase task chairs that are Green Guard Certified and workstations that are Indoor Advantage Gold Certified, creating a healthy work environment for our employees.
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