Charity Care FAQ


Common questions about our charity care programs

Fairview's Charity Care programs offer financial help to patients who are unable to pay for medical care. Whether or not you're insured, we may be able to help you. Qualification for the program is based on income and family size.

Can I apply for financial help for my hospital bill if I can’t pay the rest of my bill?
Yes. If your insurance has paid part of the bill but you need help in paying your balance, you can apply for Charity Care. First, you should request help from a Minnesota Health Care program. If the county denies you help, we will review the denial. We may be able to help you with one of our Charity Care programs.

I’ve already received my bill. Can I still apply for financial help?

Why do I need to look for other funds before I receive financial help?
No single organization can meet the needs of all patients who are unable to pay. Patients who need financial help should use all resources for which they are qualify.

What factors determine the help I’ll receive?
Patients qualify for help based on income, assets and family size. If you qualify, you will get a 100 percent discount on medically-required services

Will I have to pay anything if I am approved?
Your Charity Care benefit will cover 100 percent of your bill for all approved accounts.
I don’t live in Minnesota but was seen in your hospital. Can I still apply for Charity Care?
Yes. First, you must apply for state or county aid in your state. If your state denies your request, we will review your Charity Care application. If you are approved for Fairview's Charity Care program, you will receive a 100 percent discount on your hospital bill.

Does Fairview offer other discounts besides Charity Care?
Yes. Uninsured Minnesota residents will receive a discount on medically-needed hospital services. The discount will show up on your bill. People who receive the uninsured discount may also apply for Fairview’s Charity Care program.

I am on Medicare. Are there any other programs that can help me?
Yes. Fairview and Senior Community Services are partners to provide help to low-income seniors who do not qualify for Medical Assistance. Fairview has agreed to waive Medicare co-insurance and deductibles for health care services. Call Senior Community Services at 952-767-0665.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For more information about Fairview’s Charity Care program, please call the number on your bill. If you have not received a bill, call Patient Financial Services at 612-672-6724 or read our brochure
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