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Strengthening our community reach

Fairview is proud of its close partnerships with many different faith communities. We partner with local congregations to support parish nurse programs, immunization clinics and community health education.

These connections help us extend the scope of care we provide—and better meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in our communities.

Linking in many different ways
For example, Fairview has supported the work of parish nurses who help broaden our continuum of care by providing health education, assessments and referrals. A parish nurse might visit a cancer patient and do a blood pressure check as well as provide spiritual support.

And, we’ve partnered with numerous faith communities in setting up influenza immunization clinics through our MINI (Minnesota Immunization Networking Initiative)—which has provided more than 52,000 free flu shots to underserved people at more than 150 multicultural sites since the program began in 2006. Here is a list of our 2014-2015 MINI clinics.

Part of our history
Lutheran congregations helped found Fairview more than 100 years ago, and through the Fairview Association, we remain connected to a group of 77 Lutheran congregations today. Our Office of Church Relations helps us maintain these connections.

Fairview's Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources program provides a wide range of counseling and support services for pastors and other church leaders.

For more than 50 years, our Clinical Pastoral Education program—the second largest in the upper Midwest—has been preparing people for spiritual care ministries throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Fairview also has a Spiritual Health program that includes a network of chaplains who are available to help patients at our hospitals and in our home care and hospice program. These chaplains are from various traditions who can help patients, families, staff and volunteers who are experience stress, anxiety or other emotional needs.
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