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Paying for MHLR services

Here is some basic information about paying for services provided by Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources at Fairview.

Assessments—Fees are often covered by the referring denomination’s insurance when the judicatory executive makes the referral. Though we request pre-certification, it is important to check with insurance to be certain of what will be covered. Other insurance plans also may provide coverage, but is it important to confirm coverage. The pastor/church leader is responsible for the deductible and co-pay. Many judicatories assist with the co-pay. Other costs include travel, lodging and meals.

Counseling—Most insurance companies pay for counseling with the pastor/church leader responsible for the deductible and co-pay. Again, it is important to check with your insurance company to be certain of coverage.

Coaching—The fee for 12 coaching sessions is $800. Clergy Coaches has a scholarship of up to $400 available for pastors in need of financial help. Some judicatories also provide support, as do some congregations.

Education programs—Fees for education programs are flexible and negotiable.

Fairview Health Services underwrites all MHLR services by providing administrative leadership (the program director), offices and supplies. These costs, all paid from Fairview’s budget, represent Fairview’s commitment to provide services that support congregations, church leaders and the judicatory executives charged with their care.

Fairview Foundation provided financial support in the early years of Ministerial Health and assisted in seeking funds for the start-up of Clergy Coaches.

For information on any of these services, contact John Martinson, program director, Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources, 612-706-4558.
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