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March 23, 2014
Great employees make a great workplace—Ebenezer is living proof.

At a gala last month, Aging Services of Minnesota honored Ebenezer and two of its employees. Georgia Muhammad received the organization’s Caregiver of the Year award; Isiah Moore received its Spirit of Aging award and Ebenezer was given the Excellence in the Workplace award.

“The awards are a testimony to the strong workforce we have nurtured through our mission and values,” says Mary Swartz, director of Human Resources for Ebenezer.

“These individuals are good representatives of the Ebenezer employee profile, and the awards affirm that we’ve created a workforce that inspires excellence.”

Aging Services of Minnesota is the state’s largest association of groups serving seniors. It includes more than 1,000 organizations.

Georgia Muhammad

Caregiver of the Year award
Georgia Muhammad, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at Ebenezer Ridges Care Center in Burnsville, has been an LPN for 36 years and, according to her nominator, makes an exceptional commitment to those entrusted to her care.

Working evening shifts on a 12-bed wing, she has helped transform the wing into a more social place, complete with a “living room” furnished with special lounge chairs and lamps, where she serves snacks every evening while residents interact.

In the award nomination, Muhammad is described as “a caregiver to the residents’ families, just as much as she is a caregiver to our residents.”

For example, when one resident was close to death, Muhammad punched out from her shift at 11 p.m. and sat with her through the late-night hours, waiting for the arrival of the resident’s daughter, who had told caregivers she was scared her mother might die alone.

She was also noted for forming a close bond with a cantankerous male resident whose children thanked Muhammad for somehow bringing out a softer, gentler side of their father before he died.

Watch this touching video about Georgia Muhammad’s approach to care

Isiah Moore

Spirit of Aging award
Isiah Moore, 87, is a certification specialist at Ebenezer Towers Apartments and a resident of Ebenezer Loren on Park in Minneapolis, where he also serves as on-call caretaker.

He is noted as “exemplifying the concept of active aging through his life’s work” and is appreciated for his extreme attention to detail while maintaining an unmatchable level of professional decorum.

As a certification specialist, he helps seniors navigate eligibility requirements for Section 8 housing assistance, which can be laborious. Not only is he capable, he is confident and cordial.

“Isiah provides true service, not just to the sweet, little old ladies, but even to the meanest, nastiest person he comes into contact with during the course of his day,” Katrina Bradford-Hailey,  director of health services at Loren on Park, wrote in her nomination letter.

“He goes out of his way to provide service to everyone. He makes it look effortless, and he loves doing it.”

Watch this inspirational video about Isiah Moore’s active approach to aging


Excellence in the Workplace award
This award recognizes Ebenezer as an organization that embraces progressive practices that enhance employee satisfaction and retention, promotes careers in the field and/or invests in employees. It honors workplaces that:

  • Achieve sustained employee satisfaction and retention
  • Develop employees for future career growth
  • Establish initiatives that ensure staff voices are heard and valued
  • Share best practices across departments

In particular, Ebenezer was lauded for conducting regular employee surveys and appropriately usng the data to improve employee engagement, providing regular development training opportunities, embodying lower-than-average employee turnover and promoting diversity by, for example, making a special effort to encourage minorities to apply for jobs.

“We are proud of our individual award recipients and honored to receive the Excellence in the Workplace award,” says Jon Lundberg, vice president of operations for Ebenezer.

“Each of these honorees are worthy of the recognition in their own right, but also represent the incredible care and service that happens each day throughout our organization, making Ebenezer a great place to live and work.”

This video highlights why Ebenezer is a great place to work

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