How Fairview educates today’s health care workers—and inspires tomorrow’s

High school student Ayan Omar, center, toured University
of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital during the
five-day Urban Scrubs Camp she attended in July. The
camp, held at Augsburg College, reinforced her desire
to become a nurse.
Aug. 1, 2013
“It’s been an amazing, hands-on experience,” says Ayan Omar, a high school junior who took part in the five-day Urban Scrubs Camp held at Augsburg College in July. “Now I’m sure I want to go into nursing.”

Ayan was one of 14 high school students to whom Fairview gave scholarships so they could attend one of three Scrubs Camps held this summer.

Scrubs Camp allows students to explore a wide range of medical careers. The students, who wear scrubs throughout the week, are able to try out everything from blood typing to wrapping injured ankles. Using simulation mannequins, they can even help save someone in cardiac arrest and deliver a baby.

Tip of the iceberg
Fairview has long recognized the growing, statewide need for well-trained health care workers. When it comes to what we’re doing to help educate health care professionals for today and for tomorrow, programs such as Scrubs Camp are only the tip of the iceberg.

Fairview offers numerous sponsorships and training programs, internships and scholarships to employees and their dependents—as well as to students in our communities. All told, Fairview spent more than $88 million to support education and workforce development last year, according to our 2012 Community Benefit report.

We partner with more than 153 schools and community groups. Fairview has educational partnerships with the University of Minnesota and St. Catherine University and affiliations with many other institutions, including Augsburg College and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. We also offer our own specialized training programs in perioperative nursing and dietetics.
Fairview health care providers led some sessions at
the Scrubs Camp at Augsburg College in July. Alice
Snorteland, right, shows students some of the devices
she uses in her work as a lead hand therapist at
Fairview Hand Center.

Teaching today’s students and professionals
In 2012, more than 7,000 college and graduate students preparing for careers in a wide range of medical fields did clinical training, internships and job shadowing at our hospitals and clinics.

Through our close partnership with the University of Minnesota, each year, roughly 1,000 medical students, residents and fellows take courses and do rotations of various lengths at University of Minnesota Medical Center and University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

About 200 medical students do rotations in other Fairview settings, including our primary care clinics.

Fairview staff members provide training to nursing students at the University of Minnesota in safe patient handling. And Fairview is a leader in efforts to train other much-needed professionals, such as advanced practice providers and physician assistants.

We also provide numerous continuing education opportunities to our 22,000+ employees to enable them to advance their careers and to ensure they are knowledgeable about the latest innovations in health care delivery.

Inspiring tomorrow’s health care workers
To encourage younger students to consider health care careers, Fairview is a founding sponsor of Augsburg Fairview Academy, a public charter high school in Minneapolis which opened in September 2005 and is focused on health care careers.

And we’re a sponsor of the medical magnet program at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis. 

Statewide awards recognize impact of our work
Four times since 2003—including each of the past two years—Fairview has earned the annual, statewide award for Health Care Career Promotion (large hospital category) from the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA). Most recently:

  • In 2012, we were recognized for our work on the Urban Scrubs Camp with HealthForce Minnesota and the Cedar Riverside Partnership. In a follow-up survey of Scrubs Camp participants from 2009-2011, everyone who responded said Scrubs Camp helped them in their career decision making, and 70 percent were either studying a health-related field in college or planning to do so.
  • This spring, Fairview again received the MHA’s Health Care Career Promotion award—this time for our J-Term program which enables St. Olaf College students who are considering careers in health care to job shadow physicians, observe surgery and attend lectures. Most program participants go on to apply to, and are accepted into, medical school.

“One of our important workforce strategies is to develop and recruit future employees from our backyard,” says Laura Beeth, Fairview system director of talent acquisition.

“We want our employees to mirror the patients they will care for.”

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