Report highlights benefits Fairview provides to our communities

Fairview provides free flu shots and FluMist (above) to
underserved communities through our Minnesota
Immunization Networking Initiative (MINI). Volunteer
nurses have given more than 43,000 flu vaccinations
since the program began in 2006. This is just one
example of Fairview’s commitment to improving the
health of people in the communities we serve.
July 24, 2013
From education and research to uncompensated health care, Fairview provided more than $513 million in benefits to our community in 2012, according to our most recent Community Benefit report.

As a nonprofit organization, Fairview has a mission—and a century-long tradition—of improving the health of the communities we serve.

This includes reaching out to underserved people through community health partnerships and educational programs as well as providing uncompensated care.

Fairview also puts significant resources toward efforts to increase access to health services, educate future health professionals and conduct research.

We take our community commitment seriously—and that’s reflected in the scope of the investments we make. Here are the results of our 2012 Community Benefit report.

Fairview’s 2012 community commitment


More than $20 million in charity care
In 2012, Fairview provided $279.57 million in community benefit, based on national standards for nonprofit health care organizations as defined by the Catholic Health Association/VHA Inc. guidelines. (The methodology is different from what's used on Fairview's federal Form 990.)

This is an increase of $8.89 million over the previous year’s sum. It also represents about 9 percent of Fairview’s total operating expenses—and includes more than $20.67 million in charity care—up from $16.79 million in 2011.

When Fairview’s other costs are factored in—such as losses resulting from Medicare underfunding and other care we provide without compensation—the total value of Fairview’s community contributions came to $513.62 million in 2012. This marks a 37 percent increase over 2010.

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