Fairview Ridges and Fairview Southdale hospitals named Employment Partners of the Year

Fairview Southdale employees and PRI clients keep things
humming at the hospital’s Reuse Store. It is one of eight
Reuse Stores Fairview operates at its hospitals and office
buildings—enabling employees to “shop” for office supplies
or recycle supplies they’re not using.
July 16, 2013
Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI), a nonprofit which provides services to adults with developmental disabilities—including supported employment services—recognized Fairview Ridges and Fairview Southdale hospitals recently as its Employment Partners of the Year.

Since 2009, Fairview has worked with PRI to employ its clients as recycling crew members and Reuse Store clerks at the two hospitals.

The two hospitals were recognized for "outstanding advocacy and partnership through supported employment for adults with developmental disabilities,” says Terri Bauernfeind, program director for PRI’s Supported Employment program.

“Fairview is a leader in our community—living their vision that a healthier environment equals healthier lives.”

Recycling and reusing
Fairview employs eight PRI clients—four on the recycling crew and four Reuse Store clerks—across the two hospitals.

PRI clients, along with job coaches, walk the halls Fairview Southdale Hospital, gathering commingled recyclables: cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, office paper and cardboard.

It’s a big job, with 225 bins, containers and drop spots to check, which takes five miles of walking and four hours to complete.

At Fairview Ridges Hospital, in addition to collecting recycling, the recycling crew prepares operating room blue wrap for recycling.

PRI clients work at both hospitals’ Reuse Stores, managing inventory, greeting customers and filling and delivering office supply orders around the campus. They also collect and store office furniture from around the hospital. 

Collaborating to be more 'green'
Employees “shop” the stores for furniture and office supplies, saving money and landfill waste.

“Fairview Southdale is pleased to be able to partner with PRI to help our organization in becoming more ‘green’ and making us more efficient,” says Bradley Beard, Fairview Southdale Hospital president.

Fairview operates eight Reuse Stores at its hospitals and offices.
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