Fairview Clinics certified as health care home

May 10, 2011
Fairview Clinics have been certified by the Minnesota Department of Health as a health care home, also known as a “medical home”.

To achieve this designation, 35 Fairview primary care clinics met a rigorous set of standards demonstrating that they consistently deliver care through a team approach and seek to improve the quality of care while also effectively managing the cost of care.

As a health care home, Fairview Clinics offer patients:
  • partnership with their care team
  • care that fits their needs and is family-centered
  • coordination of services provided by health care and community resources
  • improved ability to communicate and make appointments with their health care team
  • information to help patients learn more about their health concerns and treatment options

Particularly helpful for chronic conditions
This approach to care is particularly helpful for people with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, autism, obsessive compulsive disorders or developmental delays.

“Fairview provides continuity of care to patients over their lifetimes. We look at each patient holistically, strive to understand the patient’s needs and to help them access the resources to achieve optimal health,” says Brent Asplin, MD, president of Fairview Medical Group.

“As a major health care provider, Fairview is in a good position—and has a responsibility—to reinvent how care is delivered in ways that improve quality, improve the patient experience and reduce the total cost of health care,” Asplin says. “Becoming certified as a health care home is an important part of how we are transforming to achieve those goals.”

The development of health care homes in Minnesota is part of the ground-breaking health reform legislation passed in May 2008, known as "Minnesota’s Vision for a Better State of Health."
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