You talked, we listened: What we’re doing to meet local health needs

April 23, 2013
Fairview understands the health challenges of the patients who turn to us for care. However, our mission is even broader: To improve the health of the communities we serve. And to do that, we need to start with a clear picture of local health needs.

Step 1: Listen and learn
Fairview uses a formal process—called a “Community Health Needs Assessment” or CHNA—to learn about local health concerns. Over the past year, we conducted six CHNAs—one for each of our six hospital communities.

These assessments involved hundreds of in-person interviews and online surveys and more than two dozen focus groups with a broad range of people, including seniors, mothers with children and vulnerable populations. We also looked closely at data connected to health care usage, such as the reasons for hospital admissions.

Fairview has been conducting CHNAs every few years since 1995. But now, expanded assessments are required of all nonprofit hospitals nationwide every three years to meet requirements under the 2010 federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly called “Obamacare”).

These assessments fulfill tax and legal requirements—but they’re much more than that.

“This is really about being true to our mission,” says Ann Ellison, director of Fairview Community Health, Church Relations and Medical Missions, who oversaw the recent CHNA process. “We’ve always felt it was important for us to listen to the community.”

Step 2: Develop and implement action plans
Heart disease, obesity and mental health issues emerged as the top health concerns in many of the communities served by our hospitals.

Local steering committees for each hospital community met regularly throughout the assessment process to identify top priorities and develop action plans for each. While some action plans involve new programs, others build on existing programs and partnerships.

These steering committees included physicians, health care professionals and representatives from local social service agencies, government, schools, law enforcement, businesses and faith communities.

Use the links below to read about our action plans for a community near you and priorities identified for the 2013-2015 cycle:

Fairview Community Health Assessments (CHNA)
Overview report
Hospital (with link to CHNA report)Community health priorities
Fairview Lakes Medical Center (Wyoming, Minn.)
  • obesity
  • behavioral health
Fairview Northland Medical Center (Princeton, Minn.)
  • health care information and education
  • access to affordable health care
  • affordable place to exercise
Fairview Range (Hibbing, Minn.)
  • heart disease
  • substance abuse
  • depression
Fairview Ridges Hospital (Burnsville, Minn.)
  • mental health
  • obesity/diabetes
Fairview Southdale Hospital (Edina, Minn.)
  • healthy lifestyles
  • social and emotional well-being
University of Minnesota Medical Center & University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital (Minneapolis)
  • mental health
  • heart disease
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